Start 2

Earning points at CTP through Promos.

Gold/Silver Vault n Keys(members area).

Check which exchanges are holding the keys for the Gold and Silver vaults(these change daily). Surf them! Every 77 pages you will get a key. Get the two keys from the same colour Vault and you can open the vault. Get a minimum of 1,000 XP to 50,000 XP from inside the vault and sometimes cash. You can do this as many times as you want.

Points are also awarded when a Season is running - 1 point per Vault.

Daily Challenge

Check the Daily Challenge. From the Dashboard, click Teams. It's just under the box for the Silver Vault and is ONE traffic exchange. There are 5 "Tiers" to complete and as you go higher, the XP increases. For each Tier, you will get a badge - remember to click the badge and collect it - then click on Teams TWICE. That will register your badge and update the Tier, ready to collect the next one.

Points are also awarded when Season is running.

Tier 1 - 50 pages - 1 point
Tier 2 - 100 pages - 2 points
Tier 3 - 250 pages - 3 points
Tier 4 - 500 pages - 4 points
Tier 5 - 1000 pages - 5 points
Total - 15 points for a complete DC.

Sub Game

The sub game is to the left of the Vault n Keys. It requires surfing at the 4 sites listed for that day(changes daily). Every 35 pages on each exchange, you will be able to collect a mine. Check below to see the game card with one mine collected and space for 3 more.

Collect the 4 different coloured mines and you have completed your Submarine Game Card.The game card will automatically open on your screen. You can play the card or you can save it for later.

To play, click the squares on the right until you hit a mine and then it's game over. 1c for each square with no mine in it. Prizes range from 1c to ? per card plus XP. If no cash is left in the game for the day, XP is awarded instead.

To save the game card and play it later, when it appears on screen - just close the page. The game will be added to your goodies page under the heading - My goodie Bag. You can save as many as you want and can play them whenever you want.

To play a saved sub game card - look under SUB GAME and just above the four sites listed. There is a link - Click Here to Unlock the Sub Game - just click that and it will open a saved sub game.

Points are also awarded when a Season is running - 1 point per sub game played.

Golden Eggs of XP

Every hour of every day, you can collect golden eggs at a random exchange. To find out where the eggs are for that hour - or click Dashboard in your members area. The egg site will be under the heading - Find the Golden Egg here.

Eggs give a higher amount of XP than normal badges(they are badges too) and appear after every 35 and 77 pages. Some exchanges give them out much faster for upgraded members.

Eggs are great for racking up a lot of XP in a short space of time, especiall y at some upgraded sites. Using an XP battery doubles the XP collected and if you are also Kore4, MEGA XP! lol

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