This is where you get to add your ideas for increased and/or effective surfing. Or do you have a little nugget of information that you think would help? Get in touch.


>Make sure you visit our Team page and send a friend request to everyone.
>Periodically check this site, maybe something new is happening.
>Where possible, always share badges with team members.

>Always load the FRIENDZY card that you will find on the goodies page. Team members can then fill your card which, once completed, gives you a shot on the Prize Wheel.
>Say Hi to your team and offer help and encouragement when needed.
>Try to do the contests at Prize Clickers. XP, cash, upgrades and goodies are given away.

>Going to be inactive for longer than a week? Send me a message. You don't want to be removed from the team for the sake of a message.


>When a badge appears on screen, you need to claim it. They are not automatically added, you need to click the claim link. 

>Make full advantage of the wands, batteries and game cards(if you have them). You will find them on your GOODIES page.

>To stay updated, read this blog and watch out for messages at your CTP inbox. 
Subject line - From David at Renegades.

The same for our list. After joining herewatch out for emails with the Subject line - From David at Renegades.

>Read the CTP TEAMS blog.

You'll get an extra 10% for surfing at least four nerd sites at the same time. While surfing at nerd sites, there is a pair of glasses in the surf bar. Once that turns from yellow to green, you are Nerd Surfing. These are also the sites where you use batteries(AAA, AA, C, D) to increase the credits you earn at those sites. There are also 100,000 XP badges in I Love Hits, StartXChange and ThumbVu(between 1080 and 1140 pages).

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