Friday, 4 July 2014

Early weekend update

Hey everyone,

a very happy Birthday for our American team members. :)


The state of play.

We are currently sitting 2nd in the league, 5 million behind CTP Masters and
1.5 million in front of Homerun Hitters. If it stays this way or even if Homerun
pass us, we are back in the Premier League.

Unless something crazy happens, it appears the only threats we have are from
T.E Racing League(4 million behind) and +1 every day(7 million behind).


New links have been added to the site for Email Traffic Hog and Prosperity
Hits. These are from your fellow member Celena Barton.

There are still a number of sites listed with no referral link and plenty of
members who have never submitted a link. Now might be the time?


The daily challenge tomorrow is Showbiz Hits
The Silver Vault and keys are at Legacy Hits and StartXchange
The Gold Vault and keys are at Surf Skeleton and Thumbvu
Sub Game is being played at - unknown at this time or no game

All links are at the Renegades Site

Have a great 4th of July and if I don't post again, a fantastic weekend.


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