Wednesday, 9 July 2014

So, it's Wednesday already......

Hi everyone,

it's Wednesday. This is usually the point where we are so far behind
the number seven position(to stay in the Premier), that I go off and do
everything I never got round to last week.

This week is no different. lol.

We are 11 million behind and growing. Which is perfectly fine. I can
now finish off my work, an online project, some bits of housework
and I can surf at leisure. Safe in the knowledge that I'll be back to
crazy surfing next week to get a new promotion into the Premier League!

So, the message. This is fun, it's not your life. If you can hit a target,
go for it. If you can't, take it easy and enjoy the benefits without giving
yourself an injury. :)

Have a great week everyone.


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