Sunday, 27 July 2014

Weekend Update 2

Hey everyone,

in the second update, I'd like to introduce a way for team members to
win cash, credits and CTP goodies.

Prize Clickers

A few of the team will already know about the site I launched a couple
of days ago but most of you wont.

Prize Clickers

Join traffic exchanges at the site, register and surf to win prizes.

My main aim is to get as much of the team to join in as possible. It was
originally built just for the team but the idea ended up growing.

In the 1st contest, there are over 160,000 CTP XP points up for grabs
as well as $100+ cash, credits and other goodies. I'd rather give this
XP(and other prizes) to our team than to other teams. :)

Contest starts on August 1st and runs through the entire month. You can
join at any time through the month but the sooner, the better.

Those below who joined from the team, thanks.

Monica - John - Celena - Bud

To the 20 other members, I'd love to see you there and if you can't join,
drop me an email or PM to let me know.

Let's see the team come together and win!

Lastly, if you know of someone who would be interested in winning
prizes, send them the link - - the more
who participate in this contest, the more likely that I'll do it again.


I'll be back later tonight and tomorrow if you have questions.


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