Monday, 15 December 2014

2nd week is gone...

Hi everyone,

the second week of the contest has ended. These are the overall standings for you
and the Renegades as a whole for this year.

1KORE4Norbert Ladner  (kick)8159230879612
2MEMBERAntoaneta Chenkova  (kick)0113196027556
3KORE4Janice Campbell  (kick)259105988729
4KORE4monica wilson  (kick)06383361851
5LEADERDavid McKay04175082750
6MEMBERWojciech Huptys  (kick)06370005363
7KORE4Garry Tatnell  (kick)04264175306
8MEMBEREugene Byers  (kick)34450825895
9MEMBERjian wei liu  (kick)332530870859
10KORE4Elizabeth Davis  (kick)0916123580
11MEMBERJeremy Lin  (kick)2612884683
12KORE4Agatha Winsalot  (kick)1710387619
13KORE4Marcel Valentijn  (kick)034925047
14KORE4Sam Falcone  (kick)011570297
15KORE4Walter Sabino  (kick)001483761
16MEMBERAstra Tiger  (kick)011293266
17KORE4Don Howard  (kick)001174334
18MEMBERJohn Mossinkoff  (kick)00704396
19KORE4Jon Olson  (kick)00386322
20MEMBERgavriliu roxana  (kick)00378675
21MEMBERvaryam singh  (kick)00185577
22KORE4Celena Barton  (kick)0085756
23KORE4erlend fauskanger  (kick)008024
Yearly points.

1SurfAholics - Alpha (25/25)1640
2Lucky 13 (25/25)1603
3The Cash Surfing Network (24/25)1479
4The Renegades (25/25)1438
5Bonz Brigade (25/25)1431
Two weeks left. Our contest going on and the Prize Clickers contest is live.

I'll send out a personal message to every Renegade in the next week.

Best wishes and good luck.

David. :)

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