Monday, 22 December 2014

Third week over.....

Hi everyone,

the third week of the contest has ended. These are the overall standings for you
and the Renegades as a whole for this year.

1KORE4Norbert Ladner  (kick)9173618450187
2LEADERDavid McKay072401761180
3KORE4Garry Tatnell  (kick)0128385015660
4MEMBERAntoaneta Chenkova  (kick)0171353546749
5KORE4Janice Campbell  (kick)496336329516
6KORE4monica wilson  (kick)070172957184
7MEMBERBud Mayes  (kick)036147885600
8KORE4jian wei liu  (kick)3454104343879
9KORE4Marcel Valentijn  (kick)01398164009
10KORE4Elizabeth Davis  (kick)03688453454
11KORE4Agatha Winsalot  (kick)13362935175
12MEMBERThea Penders  (kick)02650692368
13MEMBERWojciech Huptys  (kick)04839832542
14KORE4Eugene Byers  (kick)32526530422
15MEMBERJohn Mossinkoff  (kick)0820628621
16KORE4Celena Barton  (kick)0716393310
17MEMBERJeremy Lin  (kick)358910234
18KORE4Walter Sabino  (kick)046941524
19KORE4Sam Falcone  (kick)024619349
20KORE4Don Howard  (kick)024107191
21KORE4Jon Olson  (kick)002414509
22MEMBERAstra Tiger  (kick)00524317
23KORE4erlend fauskanger  (kick)00301289
24MEMBERgavriliu roxana  (kick)00161713
25MEMBERvaryam singh  (kick)0016289
Yearly points.

2Lucky 13 (25/25)1665
3The Cash Surfing Network (24/25)1532
4Renegades (25/25)1497
5Bonz Brigade (25/25)1485
One week left. Our contest is going on and the Prize Clickers contest is live.

I'll update the leaderboards tomorrow.

Best wishes and good luck.

David. :)

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