Thursday, 28 May 2015

Week Eight.....

Hey everyone.

Season 3

Seven out of seven wins. Fantastic everybody.

There are only three teams with a 100% record and I'm glad we are one.

Our target of thirteen wins is now more than 50% complete. Keep fighting
for those other six, I believe we can get them and more.....:)

Are we going for a Week 8 win? Heck yeah!!!!

Contest 1

The XP Wheel Spins Contest, Weeks 5 to 8.

To recap, gift your XP Wheel Spins to username - 1power - and whoever
gifts the most will get a $10 prize at the end of the contest.

Your Top 3 so far.

1 - Garry
2 - Bud
3 - Georgia

Keep sending in XP Wheel Spins for week 8 and you could win.

Contest 2 - Week 9

Everyone who collects more than 200 million points during week 9 will
be entered into a draw.

I'll draw two names for $5 each.

CTP Badge Hunt

I think most of you have been involved in a hunt before but if not, Jon
explains it on his blog;


As most of you will know, each time you collect a badge, you could win
cash or up to 1 Million XP. It's all random so I hope the Renegades get
lucky and I've even went as far as changing my name to David Random. lol

To make sure we get the best chance of huge XP, Maya has very kindly
volunteered to go through all badges and pick out the easy ones. She will
then pass on the links to me and I'll broadcast them through PM.

We'll get that out to you as quickly as possible after June 1st. Please,
check on your PM's at CTP from time to time. You'll not want to miss it.


Prize Clickers and Renegades - Badge Hunt

The new contest started on the 16th of May and the completion date
has been extended to June 6th.

Prize Clickers Contest

There will be five badges from PC and I've created a page with the five
links to make it easier. Please note, the links will not display hunt details
until the 1st of June.

Prize Clickers Badge Hunt

We also have a few other Renegades with badges in the hunt. :)

Birdie - Badge 1 - Badge 2
Norbert - Badge 1
Steve - Badge 1
Tom - Badge 1 - Badge 2 - Badge 3 - Badge 4 - Badge 5

Have a great time in the contest and hunt. Luck be with you. :)

Renegades Skype

We have a Renegades room on Skype. I sometime forget that not everyone
is there and that's why these updates are not exactly regular.

Send me your Skype username and I'll add you to the room.

This is a text only room, it's not video. Works like a really fast and very
reliable forum.

If you don't want to join the room, that's okay. Send me your Skype and
you can leave questions or messages for me in my personal Skype.


Any questions, comments?

David Random. :)

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