Sunday, 18 October 2015

Common sense and other news......

Hey everyone.

1st - Congratulations to Phoenix for winning the play-offs. :)

Now on to our news.

CTP Team Broadcast

Just a reminder that the team broadcast function on CTP is
not to be used for advertising a new site you just joined.

Should you wish to introduce a program/exchange to another
member, build a relationship with them first and then ASK if
they would be interested.

If you want to introduce yourself, offer words of encouragement
during a battle, update people on your health/holidays, that is all
perfectly fine. You can also send any news to me and I will include
it in an update like this.

If you own an exchange/program and would like to pre-launch
it to Renegades - or you have an offer/idea/contest that you think
could benefit Renegades, get in touch and I'll look it over.

Let's keep the messages down to a minimum so that the really
important news is able to get through.


$427 has already been paid out in token, bonus and rebate
payments. There are currently five members that I still need to
hear from and then we're finished for the Season.

If you don't know what payouts I'm talking about, please check
your email for the subject line;

End of Season Update for Renegades.

Prize Clickers

The new contest will start on Wednesday and has been posted
at the temporary home.

Something I forgot to add in the last email is this - every single
Renegade will have two free entries in the next contest. :)

Next Season

I don't have any specific news yet but the rumours and ideas
going around seem interesting. The two things that seem to be
guaranteed are - much shorter duration and VERY different.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend and expect the next update to
be via our list. I'll be here if you need help with anything.

To our success.


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