Saturday, 3 October 2015

Week 26 and time to bring it home.

Hey everyone.

We are LOSING this week. :(

Week 26 - Last weekend of the Season is here.

25 out of 25 wins. 

1o(1)Renegades (25/25)138
2o(2)Phoenix (25/25)107
We are now 31 points ahead and have the Season almost wrapped
up. We also want to go unbeaten through the entire Season and it
will be a hard task but WE can do it.

1+1(2)Phoenix (25/25) (24-3) (1070 Badge Hunt)5,145,896,453
2-1(1)Renegades (25/25) (20-4) (1091 Badge Hunt)5,087,532,280
3o(3)In To Win (25/25) (17-5) (522 Badge Hunt)3,638,298,707
We are currently in 2nd place for points and just about holding 1st
place for the Badge Hunt. We need 1st place in both, time to get
that Renegade Spirit going for one final Season push. :)

Prize Clickers

The new contest has been posted at the temporary home.

I will be sending an update out later tonight with news from Tom
and Steve. Get on the list and stay updated as we move into a
new period for Prize Clickers.

Badge Hunt

As stated above, we are currently 1st, just. If we win, all members
of the team will get $5. If you are also in the Top 75 as an individual,
you'll get another $5.

These badges can also have 100,000 or 1 Million XP attached to
them. Some are VERY easy to get and you can score massive XP
in a short space of time. Go get em'!!!!

1. Phoenix - 1091
2. Renegades - 1070
3. Lucky 13 - 897

Here are the links for Renegade owned badges. If you are in any
way struggling to find the easy badges, just get in touch.







The Play-offs

I can't explain the idea behind this any better than Patrick has.

We will be one of the teams and quite simply, we need to score
more XP than the team we are paired with. That's it. 


Have a great weekend, I'll be here if you need help with anything.

To our success.


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