Thursday, 7 May 2015

Week 5 of Season 3.....

Hey everyone.

It's now week 5, where did the time go?

Season 3

Four straight wins and I applaud you all. :)

It's been a hard fight and you may have noticed, getting harder by the week.
We are a few members down but I hope that once they are back, things will
maybe not get easier but a bit more fun for the fight.

We move on and we go for it. Woohoo!

Contest 1(over) and Contest 2

The XP Wheel Spins Contest(April) is over. A new one started on Monday.

To recap, gift your XP Wheel Spins to username - 1power - and whoever
gifts the most will get a $10 prize at the end of four weeks.

Your April Top 3 and winner.

1 - Bud - 69
2 - Garry - 43
3 - Thea - 35

Congrats Bud!!!!

So, keep sending in XP Wheel Spins for weeks 5 to 8 and you could win.

 XP Surf Saturday - Tom

Get your share of 1,000,000 CTP XP this weekend at all 4 of my sites, and
the top prize at each is 75,000 XP. The top 5 Surfers get XP Prizes, 6-10 get
credits. The event will last for 24 hours, starting at 12 Midnite EST until the
following 12 Midnite EST.

AsylumHitz, VegasHitz, XCell Traffic, and Viral Dynamyte.

This will be a great way to bump up Team XP For the Renegades!

Team News

Congratulations to Georgia Stewart. She won the MegaSurf XPlosion
contest and took the 1 Million XP prize. :)

Many other Renegades took places in the contest(and took a prize), it was
great to see. I think you should all take a bow.

Maya, Thea, Bud, Mihai, Garry and Jeremy.

A second event is planned for June, are you up for it? Mega Surf 2


The team has changed a bit over the last few weeks, Please check the
Team list and if you're not friends with someone, send them a request.

Our Team List

Prize Clickers

The new contest has been posted and it starts on the 16th of May. I had
timed it to start with Tom getting the 4 mines on the 17th but he managed
to get an earlier spot too - 10th of May. Good news for us. :)

Prize Clickers Contest

It is important that Renegades take part in this. Apart from the XP and cash,
you will realise how important by late July/August.

Renegades Skype

We have a Renegades room on Skype. I sometime forget that not everyone
is there and that's why these updates are not exactly regular.

Send me your Skype username and I'll add you to the room.

This is a text only room, it's not video. Works like a really fast and very
reliable forum.

If you don't want to join the room, that's okay. Send me your Skype and
you can leave questions or messages for me in my personal Skype.


Any questions, comments?

David. :)

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