Thursday, 23 April 2015

New Site - Contest News - Team News.

Hey everyone.

After back problems and a sickness bug, I'm now almost back to the
50% that I usually function at. lol

Season 3

So far, so good. Two wins out of two and I see a lot of people stepping
up and going for things that they may not have done last season.

Just keep being awesome and we will get there. With a smile and a
spring in our step...and rather sore fingers. lol

If anyone needs help with anything, you know I'm here for you.

New site

If you look at the mines today, three of the sites are by your fellow
Renegade - Tom Sheets. The first time this happened, I said to him,
"why not build a fourth and get all mines in the one day"? I was actually
joking around with him but he went away and done just that. lol

Not just a Traffic Exchange but a Co-Op too.

Asylum Hitz

Opens on Monday around 2pm EST but Renegades and only Renegades
can join before the launch. Please do not promote until the launch.

It has all the features that you would expect from Tom but with the added
benefit of a Co-Op. This is from Tom,

AsylumHitz is a TE, Plus a Co-op. What does that mean exactly? Well when you show your co-op link in other traffic exchanges, ad exchanges, list builders etc. you earn valuable co-op credits that will get you traffic to your co-op listed! That's right folks... Free The more you show your link the more traffic you get. AsylumHitz Members earn 0.25 - 1 credits per co-op link hit, depending upon which member level your account is.

There are also generous offers for upgrades, Renegades only. After
joining and logging in, go past the offers to the members area and click - monthly offer - lifetime offer

Asylum Hitz will be added to the May contest at Prize Clickers. If Tom
can get the four mines in time, you could be doing the mines AND
getting tickets at Prize Clickers. Win, win.

This will be Toms last CTP related site. Let's make it a big one. :)

This will also be the last site added to Prize Clickers before late Jul/Aug.


The XP Wheel Spins Contest is a little over two weeks old.

To recap, gift your XP Wheel Spins to username - 1power - and whoever
gifts the most will get a $10 prize at the end of four weeks.

Your current Top 3 are.......

1 - Bud
2 - Thea
3 - Garry

Still plenty of time for anyone to step forward and win. :)

Team News

The team has changed a bit over the last few weeks, Please check the
Team list and if you're not friends with someone, send them a request.

Our Team List


Janice has taken a bold step and created her own Team - Success Seekers.
I'll be helping her as much as I can and I hope that you swing by and give
her some encouragement.

I believe she has the will and determination to win Division 7. With a bit
of help from everyone along the way, we could make that a bit easier. :)


Thea will be off on an extended holiday from now. I'd just like to wish
her an amazing time and let her know she will be missed.

Renegades Skype

We have a Renegades room on Skype. I sometime forget that not everyone
is there and that's why these updates are not exactly regular.

Send me your Skype username and I'll add you to the room.

If you don't want to join the room, that's okay. Send me your Skype and
you can leave questions or messages for me in my personal Skype.


That was long. There's more to say but I think I better leave you with that.

Any questions, comments?

David. :)

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