Sunday, 5 April 2015

Weekend update before Season 3. Part 2 of 2.

Hey everyone.

Season 3

The new season will kick off tomorrow at 00:01 EST. All points,
Kings and Flags will be reset to zero and we are go for the next six
months of madness. :)

Again, if you are unsure of anything, get in touch.

Now, I want to talk about......

Organisation and getting into a routine.

Due to the many different types of  communication available, some of
our team are missing out on information. I want to share a simple routine
that should keep you up to date with everything. This is what I do but you
can change the routine to suit your needs.

This may sound simplistic but when followed, it works.

1st pages open are my email. I check and deal with any emails that need
my attention first. I do not open any other pages until everything has been
dealt with that can be.

2nd open is CTP. I check the Goodies page to see if I have prize cards
filled(like the Friendzy card).

I then read my PM's and clean out the inbox.

After that, I will look at the Teams page to see where we are, what the DC
is and if there are new posts at CTP Teams Blog(located under the DC).

Only after doing the above will I open Skype. I'll then answer all personal
messages before moving into our Renegades Room. I'll scan all posts since
the last time I was on and take note or action on anything needed.

That's it, all done. I'm caught up on everything and I can now

If you were in a Prize Clickers contest, you'd want to add the FaceBook
page to the above steps.

I'll give notice of posts to this blog by PM at CTP or you could just drop
by at any time.

Q and A Session 3 - Prize Clickers specific.


A number of questions, comments and suggestions have come in and I
thought it best to set out as many as possible in Q and A format.

What is a ticket and how do I get one?
Think of a ticket this way. Surf 250 sites at an exchange - get a little piece
of paper and write your name on it - you just got a ticket.

Another 250 = another ticket. Up to the maximum allowed.

There are no actual tickets to claim in the exchanges. I can see how many
pages you are surfing and will award you a ticket for every 250 sites surfed.

To see how many tickets you have, go to the Leaderboard page.

Where are the prizes and how do I find out who won?
Prizes are located at the bottom of the Contest page. When a contest is on,
winners are listed on the Winners page. When a contest finishes, winners
are announced to the list first and then posted to FaceBook. The winners
page is archived to FaceBook and the page deleted, ready for the next time.

When is the next contest?
The next contest starts 00:01 GMT or 19:01 EST on the 6th of April and
runs for two weeks. 

Do I need to join Prize Clickers?(from a previous Q and A)
No. Although I don't know why you wouldn't? It was set up for Renegades
and then to make it more interesting(and to possibly offer bigger prizes),
opened for all to use.

There's cash, credits, CTP goodies and over 1 Million XP a month.

If all Renegades are using it, there's more chance of a Renegade winning
the top prize. Even if you don't, you will still get something for trying. :)

Renegades Skype

We have a Renegades room on Skype. I sometime forget that not everyone
is there and that's why these updates are not exactly regular.

Send me your Skype username and I'll add you to the room.

If you don't want to join the room, that's okay. Send me your Skype and
you can leave questions or messages for me in my personal Skype.


I've covered a lot and I don't want to over-load you. Take some time to
read all the recent posts and if you need anything, I'm here.

David. :)

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