Friday, 26 June 2015

Week 12....

Hey everyone.

A quick update this week as nothing major is happening.

A lot is going on in the background and I'll be contacting you soon
about it. :)

Week 12

Another win is in the bag as we draw closer to the half-way point
in the contest. 11 out of 11 wins. WTG!!

It's now Friday and we should be able to hold our first place, unless
there is a huge surge over the weekend.

1o(1)Renegades (25/25)5,560,070,982
2o(2)Phoenix (25/25)2,250,277,855
3o(3)Dream Team (25/25)1,210,579,947
Just a quick thanks to the 11 members over 100 million already. :)

1KORE4Norbert Ladner  (kick)81471,846,257,027
2KORE4Antoaneta Chenkova  (kick)020844,051,898
3KORE4Maya van Doorn  (kick)064553,683,022
4LEADERDavid McKay0120521,092,995
5KORE4Bud Mayes  (kick)028385,974,408
6KORE4Garry Tatnell  (kick)08245,726,284
7MEMBERmarin mario  (kick)032202,415,794
8MEMBERRafał Stępień  (kick)247186,839,622
9KORE4monica wilson  (kick)037167,455,817
10KORE4Georgia Stewart  (kick)817162,807,200
11KORE4cindy stark  (kick)027130,697,650
Prize Clickers

Changes are a coming.......

If you're not on the list, please join at

Renegades Skype

We have a Renegades room on Skype. I sometime forget that not everyone
is there and that's why these updates are not exactly regular.

Send me your Skype username and I'll add you to the room.

This is a text only room, it's not video. Works like a really fast and very
reliable forum.

If you don't want to join the room, that's okay. Send me your Skype and
you can leave questions or messages for me in my personal Skype.


Have a great weekend and get ready to rock next week. :)

Any questions, comments?

David McKay

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