Friday, 11 September 2015

Week 23.

Hey everyone.

Week 23

22 out of 22 wins. Keep it going...........

Less than four weeks to go and it is impossible to lose. We are 28
points ahead and with just 16 points left for top place(when you 
factor in at least one point for us), we have won. :)

1o(1)Renegades (24/25)110
2o(2)Phoenix (25/25)82
3+1(4)Dream Team (22/25)60
But we don't just want to win, we want to win it all. 

1o(1)Renegades (24/25)123,881,432,262
2+2(4)Dream Team (22/25)53,049,361,951
3-1(2)Phoenix (25/25)17,385,856,633
You are reading those numbers correctly - 123, 53 and 17 Billion -
due to the massive XP bonuses for List Viral. Mind blowing! lol

Contest - Week 23 - Active

Yes, I got the weeks mixed up in last weeks post but the end
date was correct. Phew! 

Everyone who completes more than 50 promos during week
23 will be entered into a draw.

For the purposes of this contest, week 23 will end on Sunday the
13th at 6pm(EST) / 11pm(GMT).

I'll draw two names for $5 each.

Currently two members have qualified and 4 are more than half-
way there. Still the whole weekend to go, plenty of time left.

List Viral

You will have noticed that TimTech has launched a new program.

If you didn't know, welcome back from your holiday. :)

This is not a free program and if you are thinking about it, I would

strongly suggest you contact me by Skype/PM/email/Facebook to
tell you what it is and of what is required when you join.

Other Renegades that are members(that I know of) - Norbert and
Georgia. You can also contact them, and get the info needed. Ask
questions and they'll answer.

Even if you don't need to know more details, grab a Renegade link
to join. You will still get 1 Million XP for every Dollar spent. :)


Good Luck to us all, have a great weekend and I'm here if you need
me for anything.

David McKay

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