Friday, 18 September 2015

Week 24 and we are no longer safe.

Hey everyone.

Week 24

23 out of 23 wins. We are now the only team left with a 100% record. - AWESOME!!!!!!

A little over two weeks to go - and with the introduction of one point
for every duel win(see below) - we are no longer guaranteed 1st place.

We are 29 points ahead but there are more points to play for now.

1o(1)Renegades (24/25)116
2+1(3)Phoenix (25/25)87
3-1(2)Dream Team (21/25)67
On to the weekly and we are doing great. 

1o(1)Renegades (24/25) (8-3)28,007,436,875
2+1(3)Phoenix (25/25) (12-1)3,126,287,310
3-1(2)Dream Team (21/25) (9-2)827,293,516
Duels and the Renegade List.

Take a look at the numbers after our name. 24/25 is our team size
and capacity. Now there is a new one, 8-3, that is Duels. 

8 wins and 3 losses.

Had the points been turned on at the start, we would have eight
extra points. Now look at Phoenix.

12 wins and 1 loss.

Twelve extra points for them, four more than us.

We need to win Duels....and get used to winning them as they will
probably feature in the next Season as well. 
To that end, I need  every single Renegade to sign up to our team
list. This will be used for more sensitive information, mass badge
giving and to co-ordinate Duels.

Once everyone is on the list, I'll send out something in more detail.

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Contest - Week 23 - Recap and Completed

Everyone who completes more than 50 promos during week
23 will be entered into a draw.

For the purposes of this contest, week 23 will end on Sunday the
13th at 6pm(EST) / 11pm(GMT).

I'll draw two names for $5 each.

Winners - Georgia and Eugene - congratulations!!!!

Eugene, I left a message for you at Skype, please get in touch.


So, keep an eye out for the next Duel and get signed up to the
list as quickly as possible.

Good Luck to us all and have a great weekend. :)

David McKay

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