Sunday, 21 August 2016

Season 7 final egg contest.

Hey everyone.

FIRST - thank you to everyone that showed up for the contest.
Another thank you to everyone that has been involved in the 
Renegades team at any time.

I asked everyone to go through a Season and let me know if
you wanted it. This Season has been pretty clear and we don't.

As I said before, we stop competing now until things change and
it is worth competing........and the fun is brought back.

This may sound like a farewell but it's not, we're just sitting out
the next season or more. Nothing changes except we don't take
part in the duels or the play-offs. The team continues.........

On to the contest.

Contest - Results

Congratulations to Norbert - 1st place overall with 541 eggs!

25,000+ XP was sent to everyone who qualified. If you qualified
for both days, you got 2 x 25,000 or 25k and 50k.....or more.

As well as XP - prize cards, XP batteries/normal batteries and
wands were sent out. I will be sending out more over the next
week. If you are in the Prize Clickers downline, you may also
see some credits in exchanges.

If you did not get the XP, just let me know. :)

All members qualified below, followed by egg count and cash.

Norbert L - 541 - $6 + $4 bonus
Janice C - 464 - $3 + $2 bonus
Maya V D - 306 - $2 + $1 bonus
Lizzie D - 167 - $2 + $1 bonus
Mihai R S - 119 - $2 + $1 bonus

Notable $1 winners.

Jeff S - Thea P - Anna S - Monica W - Michel S - Adi C*

*PayPal address needed, please send me a PM at CTP.

All payments will be sent after the play-offs or if I get a PayPal
payment in dollars before then. The exchange rate from to £ to
$ is too shocking just now to send from my bank. lol


If you need me, I'm here. 

To our success.


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