Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Season 7 is over.

Hey everyone.

The Season is over and not being too dramatic, it was a bit of
a disaster and one to forget.

The play-off is approaching and we may as well use it for a
final surfing contest(details below). WooHoo!!

Season 6 - where were we?

6UBER SURFERS0.560-1W653830
8Raiders of the Lost XP0.560-2W253589
9Ultimate Surf Warriors0.542-1W216271
10Hulk Smash Hits Surfers0.520-1L185336
12~~Beginners and WINNERS0.520-2L44408
13Enjoy Spirits0.480-1L29790
11th place. Ouch!!!!

First to the bad news.

Interest has dropped like a stone and with our

Lowest finishing position ever.
Lowest amount of bonuses.
Lowest amount of Kore4 members.
Lowest number of qualified surfers.

It's time to withdraw from competition. Season 8 will be a rest for
all Renegades. If season 9 is a change, we will come back in.

Good news.

We get a rest.
If qualifying and only 4 places paid are not changed, this is most
likely a permanent rest from any competition.

Season 8 time will be used to do something else for everyone. :)

That's the thing, I should be mad that we're 11th but I'm not. I get
it, it's not worth it, even for the sake of pride. We had in previous
seasons the times where we could fight for something but that has
been lost. I'm not going to tell up to 25 of you to go out and fight
all day for a possible $1 split between everyone.

So........on to something happier and a contest.

Cash Contest

This contest will take place on the same days as our play-off.

Simple contest running on two days this month(August).

17th and 18th - Duel against 
Uber Surfers.


How to win?

You DO NOT need to qualify for the day, it's all about eggs

and getting as many as you can.

Even though I can't win, I will be trying to beat you all on
the Thursday. I look forward to it. lol 

So, collect the most eggs and you'll win. If the contest gets
in a lock between two members, then I'll look at XP earned.

1st  - $6
2nd - $3
3rd - $2
4th - $2
5th - $2

Goodies and XP for all that show up and try their best or 
even just try for a bit.

If you qualify on both days, your highest egg number day
will count for entry. 

Contest will end at 8pm EST each night(so I can....sleep.).


Enjoy the contest and I'll see you soon.

Update to the Renegades list coming after the play-offs.

Questions/comments/suggestions? I'm here.

To our success.


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