Saturday, 30 January 2016

So much for

Hey everyone.

I did say that I would update each week on the blog but the
last update had to be private(through PM's). Update was sent,
just not by the blog. :)

Season 5 - where are we?

4UBER SURFERS1.000-4W25793
6~ Easy Team1.000-3W19935
7Lucky 130.800-1W15101
5th. Excellent. I thought we could get 4th or 5th and we are on
the right track. Those qualifying for the Team and earning further
points, I thank you all. You ROCK!

Saturday we face AdKreator and Sunday will be Easy Team.

Both should be good Duels but the main focus will be on Easy
Team. Easy Team are just behind us and are competing for that
4th or 5th spot...... will we have some fun surfing at the weekend? :)

Prize Clickers

Late with the contest as I'm late with everything else. Sorry.

So much going on but I'm slowly starting to catch up. The new
contest will be online before February 8th.

All in One Profits - Team Build

It's coming. A few have already joined to test the build and I'm
glad they did as it needed to be changed. The changes will make
us a stronger team and also open up other revenue sources to
fund members subscriptions and a whole lot more. 

Enter your name and email on the following page for info.

DO NOT join AIOP from the link in the emails. This is a Team Build
and you will be placed under a team member. Full information will
be coming to our list within the next two weeks.

After this weekend.......

After this weekend, I'll be stepping back from surfing for a while.
I love it and I love the fight but nothing is being done while I am
doing it. There are a number of things that need to be completed
for the team and it's time for me to concentrate on those things.

I'm in 2nd place just now, just behind the Star Surfer Janice.

If I take 10 days off after this weekend, how many of you can catch
up with me? Are you up for a challenge? :)


If you need me, I'm here every day.

To our success.


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